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Mother Tree

This series started many years ago when I attended a showing "Call of the Forest: the forgotten wisdom of the trees" at Cinematheque in Winnipeg. I was totally hooked into the communication that I had never realized was happening around me daily. As a child I grew up amongst the trees, as a midwife I often sought their strength after a particularly long labour, as a tourist I often needed to forest bathe. As I researched more I felt I needed to do a series.  Mother trees  protect and nurture. The connection between trees and humans is authentic, intimate and generative . By caring for trees we care for ourselves and our future.

Mother Tree will be first exhibited at the Pinawa Art Gallery Pinawa Birthday Exhibition Celebrate waazayn! exhibition July 14-16 2023. It will then go to the Beau Head Arts Festival in Beausejour from August 26-27 2023. Here are a few images of a couple of pieces I'm madly working on together done for the shows!

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